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Cardiac rehabilitation is essential in any patient’s recovery from coronary revascularisation, whether it be percutaneous coronary interventional or coronary artery bypass surgery, as well as other cardiovascular disease states.  It encourages healthy diet and lifestyle habits to promote good health in a supervised and supportive environment.  Patients are universally very positive about their cardiac rehabilitation experience.

Dr Sara Hungerford

Consultant Physician and Cardiologist

I feel that cardiac rehabilitation is an important adjunct to any revascularisation therapy. It helps reinforce healthy behaviour and highlights any areas of deficiency. My patients have always had very positive things to say about their time in rehabilitation and feel that they are more motivated to get back to a fully active lifestyle.

A/Prof Peter Ruchin

Consultant Physician & Cardiologist Interventional Cardiologist

Liz, Sue and Louise, have been the main contacts on a consistent basis. All three of them have been fantastic. They listen to each and every one. They make conscious, accurate and relative decisions based around the moment, as each patient/client moves towards recovery. Personally, they make you feel welcome, confident and instil a fun element where applicable. Making it an enjoyable experience, whilst also promoting confidence in the journey we are experiencing. I have been impressed with the passion and due diligence, to each and everyone's wellbeing. You have a great Team... give them a pay rise!  I have already recommended the Practice and will continue doing so.

Clive Rodell

Patient | 65 Year Old Male

I think it's a wonderful program which not only offers a strong base for ongoing recovery but also helps to rebuild your confidence after such a traumatic event in your life. I have found cardio rehab enormously beneficial both physically and psychologically. The staff are great, caring and encouraging as you progress through the program. I highly recommend it.


Patient | 69 Year Old male

Post my bypass surgery, I was directed for the Heart Wellness Program to Holroyd Pvt Hospital. I was well taken care of by Varsha from induction to the completion of the program. Her team of Lisa, Maryem, Mandeep were always available during the entire length of my program. The due care given by each of them towards my needs to get my confidence and physical health. I recommend the entire staff at Holroyd including Justine, Dr. Rad, Nurse - Cynthia, dietician Simone we’re all wonderful to work with. Thank you all to bring me back on my feet !


Patient | 48 Year Old Male

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