Heart Wellness Program FAQs


How To Get A Referral

You can get a referral from your treating Cardiologist or GP to enter the program. Alternatively, if you are in hospital for a procedure or cardiac surgery you can arrange for the referral to be sent directly from the hospital to your Heart Wellness location of your choice and we will follow up with you to arrange your initial appointment.

Is The Program For Inpatients Or Outpatients?

The Heart Wellness program is the only program of its kind to offer all three phases of cardiac rehab both for inpatients and outpatients.

Is There A Cost To Enter The Program

This program is completely covered by your private health fund as a part of your hospital cover. 

What Is The Inpatient (Phase I) program

This is a program available for those who require intense rehabilitation for their heart condition following an acute admission or cardiac surgery at a public or private hospital. You will be referred directly to us by the hospital for us to continue with your rehabilitation and then you will be automatically a part of the Heart Wellness program which includes the outpatient program once you are healthy to return home. 

Health Funds We Accept

We have agreements with all major health funds. We also run a health fund check over the phone prior to your initial visit to ensure you are covered and that there are no surprise GAP payments for our patients. 

What Is The Outpatient (Phase II) Program

This is the main part of the program in which our patients start from following their referral into the program. This is a 3-day per week program across 6-weeks, in which you will complete a detailed individualised exercise and lifestyle program to address your specific needs by our cardiac team. In total you will have access to 20-sessions across this period to get on top of your heart health. 

Payment Options

This service is completely covered by your private health fund as a part of your hospital cover, however we do allow for patients without health insurance to be a part of the program.

Contact us and we can discuss with you a range of suitable payment options for you to be a part of the program.

What Is The Maintenance (Phase III) Program

This part of the program is designed to assist you in your transition home after completing the outpatient program with regular phone calls by our team to see how you are going, and two complimentary  follow-up assessments during the remainder of the year to track your health and provide you with support even after you leave our 6-week program.

We are the only cardiac rehab program in the country to offer this part of a program, as traditionally once you are discharged from a public hospital outpatient rehab program you no longer have any support to ensure you are doing the right thing at home to maximise your heart health.