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Our Research

The Wenkart Foundation was established by our CEO Dr Thomas Wenkart which is committed to supporting the arts and health sciences in Australia.  Since its foundation in 1976 more than 100 recipients have been supported by grants totalling over $10 million. In 2006, The Wenkart Foundation restructured its grants program to endow the University of Sydney Wenkart Chair of Endothelium Medicine and the Centenary Institute. The Wenkart Family is recognised for its role in the establishment of Musica Viva and its ongoing support of Sydney Eisteddfod. The Wenkart Foundation’s credo is: “Community benefit in the shortest possible time.” The Wenkart Foundation actively assists in grants within heart disease research with recent grants having been awarded to the prestigious Heart Research Institute to assist in vital research of our leading clinical researchers trying to find new ways to cure heart disease.

The Heart Wellness Program is a part of leading clinical research in cardiology and assessing the role of exercise interventions in patients with cardiovascular disease. The Heart Wellness & Cardiac Rehab Manager Dr Christian Verdicchio is a clinician-researcher with extensive clinical, research and tertiary teaching experience in exercise physiology, cardiovascular disease, arrhythmias and heart failure. He completed his PhD in Medicine at the University of Adelaide under the supervision of Prof Prash Sanders and was awarded Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence for his PhD titled ‘Exercise in Atrial Fibrillation’. Dr Verdicchio holds academic appointments as a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney and as a Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide, and is currently the ESC European Association of Preventive Cardiology Young Ambassador for Australia.

Dr Verdicchio continues to publish leading research, and present his work at the leading cardiology conferences worldwide including the; Heart Rhythm Society, Asia-Pacific Heart Rhythm Society, European Heart Rhythm Society, European Society of Cardiology and Cardiac Society of Australia and NZ. He has been selected as a finalist in the Young Investigator Award category at the 2018 ESSA Research to Practice, the 2019 and 2021 ESC Preventive Cardiology congresses, and was a finalist in the Early Career Researcher at the ESSA Research to Practice conference in 2021.

For a list of Dr Verdicchio’s publications please click here https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Christian-Verdicchio 

Our Education

The Heart Wellness Program is a part of the delivery of lectures and education sessions to medical and health professionals across Sydney. We conduct GP Professional Development seminars and various talks across Hospitals and Medical Practices about the latest research and guidelines on Exercise in Cardiovascular Disease and Preventative Cardiology.

Our Heart Wellness & Cardiac Rehab Manager Dr Christian Verdicchio is an expert in the field of exercise interventions in patients with complex cardiovascular disease, having completed a PhD in Medicine at the University of Adelaide in the field of Exercise in Atrial Fibrillation, with his work being published in leading journals and presented at various cardiology conferences worldwide.

If you are interested in any education events please contact the Heart Wellness &Cardiac Rehab Manager Dr Christian Verdicchio on 02 9692 7921 or via email at cverdicchio@machealth.com.au

Heart Wellness Education CPD Event on 6th April 2022

 Risk Factor Management & Exercise in Atrial Fibrillation

We were proud to host our online Education Webinar with Assoc. Prof Chrishan Nalliah and Dr Christian Verdicchio to talk about the latest evidence in risk factor management and exercise in patients with atrial fibrillation.

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